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Are you an adopted child ? Or have you placed a child for adoption? Or, do you have a sibling who happens to be adopted by your parents ? If you happen to belong in any of these categories and wishes to find out more about your birth family, then you might need an adoption registry.

What precisely is an adoption registry?

As ordinarily defined, an adoption registry is a database that contains information about adoptee, birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive family members, and anything related to adoption per se. The information contained is normally made available to the public, therefore, they can are highly searchable or can be easily retrieved by search engines online. However, it is very necessary to note that the adoption registry differs by country or by state. Given this fact, it is then essential to ensure that you know exactly what adoption registry you are looking at.

To mention some, below is a list of the most well-known and well-ranked registries for adoption. These registries are very much accessible online, provided that you are registered as a member. If you want to know your family and trace your roots, then try to consider the following because your birth family information might be listed in one of these adoption registries.

Reunion Registry

The Reunion Registry actually lists adoptees by their birth date, city, and state. Here, all of the current entries in their database will be displayed to you based on the category you have entered in your request. The result will then contain the city, the state and date of birth of the person or family you wish to learn more. But, according to the Reunion Registry itself, the best way to find satisfactory information about a specific subject is to search for the information based on the person’s date of birth.

Adoption Database Registry

The Adoption Database registry includes information about adoptees, birth families and adoptive birth family members, making them one of the most helpful registries available. Maybe what sets this adoption registry great is that that entries contained can easily be retrieved by search engines. Also, they have covered more than a thousand finds and if for example an inquiry be made on your registration, the management will send you a notification of your search. Nevertheless, to speed up the results, the Adoption Database registry maintains that one should update the contact data as possible. And, for you to be able to access their adoption registry, you are required first to register as a member.

G’S United States Adoption Registry

The G’S United States Adoption Registry is finally out there to provide you further information about yourself or your parents, or yourself, being an adoptee. Here, you can search and look for information about a particular birth family by state. All you have to do is to register as a member and simply click on the links provided in their site. Make sure to read the instructions for using their adoption registry.

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