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Choosing to have children is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make.  The decision to adopt a child may need even more careful consideration.

Adoption is not an option that should be made lightly.  There are many physical, emotional  and legal implications to consider.  You will be taking responsibility for the care and well-being of a child, and expecting the child to love and trust  you unconditionally.  Having full knowledge of every aspect of adoption, and respect for the positive and potentially negative affects, is of utmost importance. Read more . . .

Haiti children in an orphanage


A number of families planning to adopt have actually backed out of their plans because adoption costs a lot of money. Most often these families cannot afford to pay the adoption fees.

However, thanks to some organizations, there are adoption grants being considered and offered to help out couples and families who plan to adopt. Read more . . .

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China is one of the countries in the world where adoption is considered legal. In fact, the country has its very own adoption program, which has been considered as one of the most stable and reliable adoption programs for the longest time.

It is also worth noting that China’s citizens have chosen to adopt since the advent of the year 2000. Recent statistics have shown that around 7,906 children from China were adopted by US citizens in 2005. Read more . . .

Boy from Haiti


International,  or inter-country adoption,  is usually deemed more predictable and structured than domestic adoptions.

Unlike domestic adoption, the international process usually poses a low rate of contesting custody between birth parents.  There are also simply more children available from international agencies as there are through domestic sources. Read more . . .

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Finally decided to adopt? Majority of the families and couples who have planned to adopt encounter a particular problem concerning adoption financing.

Most of them are anxious with regards to the high financial overhead costs that can be associated with the adoption process and the other services that are required for children with special needs.

If this happens to you, then you are not alone. The good news is there are a lot of adoption financing resources that can help you fund an complete your adoption plan.  Read more . . .